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Our Most Recent Caboose Move April 2015

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All Images: Cabooses, passenger cars, freight cars, and other equipment shown within are EXAMPLES only, to illustrate designs & styles.

Our Mission:

To exceed our clients reasonable expectations, as we provide quality used cabooses, specialty railcars, and other items   

Company Profile:

JFS Railcar, Inc. has been Purchasing, Selling and Leasing railroad cars & locomotives for over 21 years to a large number of satisfied corporate and non-corporate clients. Utilizing a large network of Railroads, manufacturers and suppliers, we can locate virtually any railcar or parts that you may need. This website (, is offered to Sell and Lease cabooses, passenger cars and special display cars to Railroads (sale or lease-back), other corporate clients, and to clients for their personal and/or small business uses, such as: Bed & Breakfast units, mountain lodges, coffee/ice cream/sandwich shops, Offices, children’s playhouses, etc.   

Our database is continuously updated to show the availability, physical condition, age, and other criteria on a large number of cabooses and other railcars, for clients of this site. When searching for specific equipment to meet client’s specific needs/desires, we incorporate several variables into the search criteria, including car design, cost, location, and condition, to find YOU the best car for YOUR situation. We are the only seller in this market that operates our own fleet of railroad cars to move cabooses & specialty cars to our clients, when those cars cannot move on their own wheels. Our experience and professionalism is obvious when our clients request assistance in the transportation and/or setup of railcars. Our lives have been dedicated to the railroad industry and we will demonstrate the top-notch service that you expect. Whether you're interested in 1 or 100 railcars, we look forward to serving you.

Railroad Equipment sales and leasing is our ONLY business. Other railroad car “brokers” operate flashy websites, and state that they’re the “Largest in the US”, “the Best”, “have the most experience”, etc. Those brokers operate their “part-time businesses”, after working at their “9-5 M-F” job (If & When they have time). Often, those brokers show railroad passenger cars, cabooses and small locomotives that they do not have direct access to, nor permission from the actual owner to sell. Look closely; In many cases, Photos and Specs shown on their websites is merely copied from the websites of legitimate businesses.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us for more information.  Our office hours are 8am-5:30pm Monday through Friday in the U.S. central time zone.

Tele:  816-500-7792

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